dash did a thing again

fuck it, i need money

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I like Groot

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made a thing to wear at d&d tomorrow :3

very tru










I literally felt like I did not have a choice.

Robin Williams says reblog, you reblog. 


did i even really have a choice?

okay robin williams

i hesitated for a second and then considered the repercussions

just gonna reblog…



Fuck this is the funniest thing ever

for armin

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QuestionHi there, big fan of your comic, I think it's cute and hilarious. :) I'm actually thinking of starting up a webcomic myself and I was wondering if you had any pointers you could give me? And also maybe if you had any tips for where to host it? Thanks a bunch, I hope to hear from you and I hope you have a fantastic day. Answer

Aw thank you for reading!

The first thing that I’d recommend for starting up a webcomic is get used to drawing every single day.  Just draw something random every day, but make sure you draw.  This way you find out how fast you can make comics, which will help you plan out how many times you’re gonna post per week.

The next thing I’d recommend is plan out what you’re gonna do for your webcomic at least 10 comics in advanced.  And keep a 10 comic buffer.  Trust me, you never know what happens in your life, and it’s always a good idea to have extra comics on hand.

As for hosting, any web hosting site that you can afford on a regular basis.  If you can’t afford a web hosting site, then you can just post on tumblr or deviantart!  Personally, if you can afford a hosting site, then I recommend getting Wordpress with ComicPress/ Comic Easel.  It’s easy to use and it works well with comic formatting.

Last piece of advice is don’t give up!  Even when you think it’s not going well, just keep drawing, keep posting, and don’t stop!  It took me 3 years to get the small amount of fanbase that I have now, but it was worth every moment of doubt I ever had.  Just keep marketting out your webcomic on twitter, facebook, tumblr, deviantart, anywhere you can think of!  Heck, you can even ask sometimes from other people if they can help spread the word of your webcomic!  As long as your webcomic makes you happy, then you should keep doing it.

Hopefully this helps!

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